To sum it up, I'm an IT enthusiasts with a passion for developing software. I also love thinking out new cool tech ideas. For a deeper knowledge of what exactly I'm doing, scroll on. For more info about my interests, read on!

As well as tech, programming, development, design and other career relevant stuff, I actually have other passions! I mostly listen to hiphop and I'll gladly be stamped as a hiphop head. I enjoy working out and I play both videogames and chess. My tastebuds enjoy that cup o' black, and mostly anything else. I'm close to 200 cm, and I rock an endless positive attitude. Try me!



As I already pointed out, I have some skills to brag about, but I'm insanely hungry for more knowledge and I still have a long road to go. However, here are some of my main areas of expertise

React, React Native, NodeJS, Amazon Web Services, CSS/SCSS, Java, Spring Boot, C#, Google Cloud, Firebase, MongoDB, Javascript

Blockchain/DLT tech
VR/AR dev
Games dev


made by Jørgen Lybeck Hansen. Questions? You know what to do!